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Communication / Internet Access


BayernWLAN is a public Internet connection that can be used by everyone. The WLAN SSID is @BayernWLAN. Once the WLAN connection has been set up and the terms of use on the hotspot homepage have been accepted by clicking on "Connect", the device will connect automatically for 24 hours as soon as it is within range of a Bavarian WLAN hotspot. The connection to the WLAN hotspots has no security encryption.


The Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg is member of the Eduroam union. Users from eduroam institutions, who have registered for eduroam, can use WLAN without local registration. The WLAN SSID is eduroam.


To use the WLAN of the University of Würzburg with your own notebooks you will the access data of the conference account with the registration documents.